The image created by artificial intelligence became the winner of a prestigious photo contest. It is reported by PetaPixel.

The work entitled “Electrician” by Boris Eldagsen won first prize in the category “Creativity” at the Sony World Photography Awards, which was held by the World Photography Organization.

However, the winner refused the award. According to him, when applying for the competition, he wanted to know whether competitions are ready for the active participation of “works” from AI. As it turned out, no.

Eldagsen’s image was included in a series called PSEUDOMNESIA: Fake Memories. According to the plan, the series was to recreate the photo style of the 1940s. However, in reality, the image, according to the author, has been edited countless times using image generators.

Shortly after the photographer’s confession, the “photo” was removed from the contest’s website.

Earlier, American Jason Allen, who is the head of Incarnate Games, won first place in the competition of fine arts in Colorado. He presented a picture created by artificial intelligence Midjourney