The new version of the GPT language model, which is based on the ChatGPT chatbot, will not be taught yet. Information about this was confirmed by the CEO and co-founder of OpenAI Sam Altman, reports The Verge.

The head of the company noted that the developers “for some time” will not pay attention to GPT-5. For now, the company will focus on the current version of GPT-4 and “other things” related to security issues.

Altman did not say exactly why the developers will not work on GPT-5. Journalists believe that this happened because of a recently circulated letter signed by a group of experts in the field of AI. Experts call on artificial intelligence developers, in particular, OpenAI, to suspend training of platforms that are “more powerful than GPT-4”.

Experts are concerned about the security of future systems, but their opinions on the nature of the potential threat from AI and the need to “suspend” the development of the industry differ.

Recall that in the fall may appear intermediate version of ChatGPT-4.5 from OpenAI. Instead, computer scientist Jeffrey Hinton, who is considered the “godfather of artificial intelligence” Warns about the danger of uncontrolled development of AI, and the report of Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s most powerful banks in the world, says that AI and the services it is based on can be left without work about 300 million people around the world.

Despite warnings about possible threats to humanity, OpenAI does not stop working on the algorithm. Sam Altman, CEO of the ChatGPT development company, does not even rule out that one day artificial intelligence will be able to destroy capitalism.