A monocle that adds “a hundred points to charisma” was created at Stanford. The invention, called rizzGPT, is based on artificial intelligence GPT-4. AI provides the device owner with clues on behavior in various situations. This can happen, for example, during a date or interview.

In a tweet by a student from Stanford Brian How-Ping Chan it is noted that the new gadget provides its owner with “charisma as a service in real time” ( CaaS), namely: listens to the user’s communication and suggests what to say next.

A monocle-like device with a camera and microphone is attached to any glasses. The text generated by GPT-4 is displayed at high resolution. The device uses OpenAI speech recognition software Whisper. The sound is transmitted directly to the chatbot, which generates responses in seconds.

Recall, the company Oppo joined the race to create charging with a capacity of more than 200 W, and is preparing for the presentation of ultra-fast charger “300-watt class”.