The confrontation in the development of neural networks in China and the United States can already be compared to an arms race. While progressives seek to limit their AI developments, “China is rushing forward,” “lowering standards” and “violating human rights.” If China overtakes the United States in AI technology, it could ruin humanity.

About the threat from artificial intelligence that “serves” the Chinese Communist Party, said Chinese expert Gordon Chang in an interview with Fox News.

He stressed that AI will become an even greater threat to humanity “if China takes possession of it before the United States” and gave an example of the development of technologies for editing human genes in China.

Chang noted that recently the Office of Cyberspace of China (CAC) proposed that AI developers create neural networks that do not violate the economic system and socialist values. For non-compliance, the CAC threatens with a fine or prosecution.

So far, despite the possibility of restrictions, the PRC continues to develop technologies that will compete with the banned ChatGPT there. In addition, the Celestial Empire has several serious advantages. The most important of these is “the ability for neural networks to work with huge amounts of data,” unlike the United States, where there are restrictions on collecting user information for “all companies in a row,” Chang said.