Amid the launch of a new verification system on Twitter, Pope Francis has lost the blue subscription checkmark. This happened after the introduction by the company of Elon Musk subscription Twitter Blue, which costs $ 8 per month.

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After entering the subscription, all free checkmarks issued to account holders earlier were deleted from the system. This has led to the emergence of unverified accounts for many public figures. In addition to the Pope, former US President Donald Trump, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, socialite Kim Kardashian, singer Beyoncé, etc. are among the “victims”.

At the same time, there are several “lucky ones” to whom Musk presented verification. Among them are writer Stephen King, actor William Shetner and basketball player LeBron James.

Recall that from now on, Twitter users will be able to earn on their content. To do this, they need to convince their readers to subscribe. It’s not just about texts, it’s also about videos.