The futuristic concept of space housing, proposed by aerospace giant Airbus, is more spacious and comfortable than all previous concepts. The orbital dwelling is designed for four crew members, but can be adapted for up to eight astronauts. For the crew provides temporary shelter from the destructive effects of weightlessness.

This was announced by the company on its website.

The multipurpose orbital module is called LOOP. It consists of three customized decks connected by a tunnel-greenhouse. Its dimensions allow you to fit into the fairing of the Starship launch vehicle from SpaceX. The basic configuration of the LOOP consists of residential and scientific decks and a centrifuge deck with artificial gravity, for temporary relief from weightlessness.

It is reported that the concept should be implemented by 2030 before the end of the life of the International Space Station.

Recall, designer Anthony Glasson from the studio M51 demonstrated the concept of a luxury yacht under the well-known to all fans of the series “Star Trek” name “Enterprise”.