American startup Humane presented a miniature gadget with elements of artificial intelligence, which looks like an icon on clothes. The device, powered by Android mobile OS and powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, was unveiled at the TED 2023 conference.

It is reported by 9to5Mac.

Former Apple designer Imran Chaudhry demonstrated that the device is able to work independently of the smartphone, directly connecting to cloud services. To activate the icon, you just need to knock.

A miniature laser projector at the top of the device projects the virtual display onto the palm of your hand or any surface. The projection in the shape of a square displays text information in green. The device is equipped with a camera and microphone.

The founders of Humane are former Apple software director Bethany Bongiorno and lead designer Imran Chaudhry.

Recall, Apple employees, who were previously very optimistic about the future AR headset of the brand, now doubt that the gadget will be successful.