Amid Twitter Blue Subscription Campaign and by removing blue checkmarks from users who did not pay for it, the mark “state funding” quietly disappeared from the accounts of Russian and some Chinese media. With such a mark the social network marked channels funded by the governments of Russia and China. Now it will be much easier for them to spread disinformation on social networks, because users will not know from which sources they receive.

This is stated in the post of The New York Times reporter Robert Mackey, who was the first to sound the alarm about the removal of relevant labels from state-affiliated propaganda publications.

Mission accomplished. While everyone was distracted by the removal of the blue checkmarks, Musk’s Twitter removed the marks that warned users that they were reading news from state propaganda outlets of authoritarian governments. “Court” news channels can now spread disinformation.

Robert Mackey

The journalist confirmed his words with screenshots from the pages of RT, Sputnik, TASS, CCTV, Press TV, Vesti and Channel One.

Earlier, Elon Musk restored the account of the odious former US President Donald Trump “banned for life” on the social network.