The Chinese tech giant Alibaba plans to create its own neural network that can compete with ChatGPT. It has already been given the name Tongyi Qianwen, according to the BBC.

Tongyi Qianwen can be translated as “looking for the answer by asking a thousand questions” The company plans to integrate the chatbot into all Alibaba businesses. They say that this will happen in the “near future”, but the exact dates are not announced.

The company said that Tongyi Qianwen will work in English and Chinese. It is integrated into the internal messenger of DingTalk. The chatbot will perform a number of tasks such as writing emails, drafting business proposals, converting audio files into written notes, etc.

Alibaba also plans to integrate Tongyi Qianwen into Tmall Genie, which is similar to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Recall, the Chinese technology giant Baidu has completed testing its own chatbot with artificial intelligence. It was named Ernie Bot and is an analogue of ChatGPT.