Tinder has complicated the account verification system with video. From now on, users for verification will have to take several video selfies to prove their authenticity and similarity to the photo show. The new feature immediately started working in all countries as a new method of verifying accounts, and it became mandatory to obtain a blue verification mark.

Verification takes place after the user records several videos on the front camera of the smartphone. This is reminiscent of Apple’s State ID verification system, Google, or other dating services like Hinge. In the latter, the video selfie function for verification has been in effect since 2022, so the service is struggling with the rapid growth in the number of fraudsters.

Verification will limit the circle of contacts only with verified Tinder accounts, this group is called “Photo Verified Cuties”. So far, verification is voluntary, but over the next few months, all service participants will have to undergo video self-verification.

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