Apple’s mixed reality helmet will have a new proprietary charging port. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the “apple” headset will be powered by an external battery that the user will carry in his pocket.

It is reported by Bloomberg.

Apple claims that the new design will increase the usability of the helmet by reducing its weight. Among the shortcomings indicate a wire sticking out of the helmet and reaching for the pocket.

The headset will have two ports: USB Type-C for data transfer and a new one for powering the device, with a round tip that is magnetized to the device. To prevent charging from falling out during use, it will need to be locked by turning the port clockwise.

The battery will be the size of an iPhone, but larger than that. The headset will run on an external battery for two hours.

The presentation of Apple’s mixed reality helmet called Reality Pro or Reality One will take place on June 5 as part of WWDC 2023.

Recall, a feature of the mixed reality helmet (MR-helmet) from Apple will support for eye control and gestures.