At Microsoft A training program for cybersecurity specialists focused primarily on women will be implemented. Funding for the new program has already been approved, Reports TechRadar.

According to the publication, Microsoft are concerned about the strong gender imbalance in favor of men in the field of information security (IS). Currently, the number of female staff in this area is 25%. To solve this problem, the company plans to open various courses for the training of information security specialists.

It is noted that the IT giant will give preference to countries in South America and Asia, where women in cybersecurity are the fewest. The program will be attended by 28 countries, including Argentina, Chile, Indonesia, etc. To do this, Microsoft has partnered with a number of non-profit organizations such as Womcy, Women4Cyber and WiCyS.

Recall that every third of the women surveyed uses a smartphone to monitor their partner. This is evidenced by the result of a survey on the BabyCenter forum.