TikTok has updated its community guidelines regarding the policy of posting videos containing misinformation about climate change. There will also be new rules for creating content using artificial intelligence technologies.

It is reported by Engadget.

The service imposed a ban on content that “undermines the established scientific consensus” adopted on the climate crisis. TikTok emphasizes the possibility of posting discussion videos about climate change, if they do not contradict the current scientific consensus.

TikTok will remove content that violates its new policies and redirect users seeking climate information to “reputable” sources. Permitted content has been identified in conjunction with UN experts.

In 2022, as part of the study of trust in the Internet, the report NewsGuard was published Regarding disinformation. It contains a significant number of examples of false publications in TikTok on climate change. Searching for this term leads to content like “climate change is debunked” or “climate change does not exist.”

Innovations regarding content created using AI technologies require it to be tagged with appropriate tags, namely: “synthetic”, “fake” or “modified”.

Recall, the social network TikTok raised the age limit, banning users under 18 years old to conduct live broadcasts on the platform.