Through the TikTok Shop store, illegal and potentially dangerous cosmetic products are sold on the TikTok app. This includes fake cosmetics and prescription-only creams. Instead, the social network, which has a 5% sales commission, denies this fact, claiming strict rules for the sale of counterfeit goods and prescription drugs.

This is reported by The Guardian.

Recently, through the internal market of TikTok, unknown sellers have promoted fake versions of Dior perfume, Maybelline mascara, petroleum jelly, and more. Also It is reported about open advertising of lotions that whiten the skin (they contain prohibited ingredients), and potent acne cream (prescription).

A survey by market research firm Savanta shows that in Britain, respondents under the age of 26 use TikTok to purchase products 19 times a year. This figure is higher than on Instagram or Facebook.

Recall, TikTok will introduce a feature that will limit the time spent by teenagers in the social network.