The UK needs “sovereign” AI technology to make the country “globally competitive”. It will stimulate the economy and prevent ethical and technical pitfalls associated with the use of artificial intelligence. To set up a working group to develop fundamental AI models ,Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Technology Minister Michelle Donelan will provide additional funding of £100 million.

This is stated on the website of the British government.

Currently, the UK budget has already budgeted about £ 900 million for the purchase of a supercomputer and special research resources in the field of AI. It is reported that the newly formed development team will report directly to the Prime Minister and Minister for Technology. Her head will be determined in the summer.

According to Donelan, the creation of reliable artificial intelligence will give the country an advantage in the field of new technologies. AI will help create novel treatments, provide public services and combat climate change.

It should be noted that the Google DeepMind team is already working in the UK, engaged in advanced research in the field of AI.

Recall, Elon Musk plans to create a competitor to ChatGPT from OpenAI. To this end, he is currently busy recruiting a development team.