Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would not abandon the development of the concept of the metaverse, considering it the technology of the future. He announced the decision to focus the company on two areas at once – artificial intelligence and the metaverse – against the background of losses of $ 4 billion received in the first quarter of 2023 through the virtual and augmented reality division.

This is stated on Business Insider.

Despite the problems in the metaverse development project — not only users are not enthusiastic about it, but also the company’s employees themselves , Zuckerberg considers it long-term. He emphasizes that he is “still committed to the metaverse.”

Mark Zuckerberg assured that the development of the concept of the metaverse is impossible without AI and called artificial intelligence the technology of the present, and the metaverse — of the future.

Earlier, Mark Zuckerberg told his subordinates, employees of Meta, that the main source of profit for them in the near future will be WhatsApp and Messenger, and not the metaverse.