The journalist of The Information Wayne Ma found out why the voice assistant Siri suffers from stagnation, and Apple itself is lagging behind in the race of artificial intelligence.

This was found out during an anonymous interview with thirty employees of the “apple” company.

Thus, according to The Information, since 2018, conflicts and crises have continued in the division responsible for Siri due to the fact that the leaders of different teams cannot agree on how to develop the service. Also, employees of the Siri division constantly had disputes with other departments.

As a result, employees began to leave Apple. According to the publication, sometimes Tim Cook personally had to persuade talented developers to stay in the company, but even this did not bring the desired result. Many former Apple Growers moved to Google.

Also, employees said on condition of anonymity that Apple is still skeptical about the “cooperation” of Siri with neural networks, because it is worried that it will not be able to control the answers that the assistant will provide. Therefore, Siri continues to respond with prepared template remarks.

Recall that Apple is currently focusing on updating the natural language for Siri’s personal assistant on Apple TV.