Chinese tech giant Tencent has launched the Deepfakes-as-a-Service (DFaaS) service, which will specialize in creating digital clones of people. It is reported by The Register.

Services will cost about $145. The customer will have to provide Tencent with about three minutes of video with the person in the frame. You will also need a “cast” of the voice – a hundred sentences read by a person in English or Chinese. Therefore, the service promises to create a “digital clone” of a person in 24 hours.

It will be a video avatar of a person either full-length or waist-deep. You can choose from style: realistic 3D, semi-realistic 3D, cartoon 3D, real 2D and cartoon 2D. A clone will be able to pronounce any text or work as a chatbot like ChatGPT.

Recall, actor Bruce Willis was the first Hollywood star to sell his rights to create a “digital twin” that can be used in deepfakes.