Blake Lemoyne, a former Google engineer who was fired after claims that the chatbot with artificial intelligence had received “consciousness”, reminded himself again. He told in an interview with Futurism that the corporation is concerned about the safety of the latest versions of AI, and therefore tries to treat them as responsibly as possible.

Lemoyne said that Bard’s artificial intelligence chatbot has been in development since the second half of 2021 — that is, long before the advent of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 and its colossal popularity. According to Lemoyne, the project was not immediately publicly available due to the fact that the American corporation tried to control its version of artificial intelligence, and OpenAI treated security much more lightly.

A former Google employee said that Bard was supposed to leave at the same time as ChatGPT, or even a little earlier, but the company was delaying due to security issues.