A high-profile investigation by Bloomberg “debunked” 49 newsstands whose content was created by chatbots. The agency published this information, citing the rating newsgroup NewsGuard.

Thus, in particular, NewsGuard specialists recorded 49 websites posing as news, but filling them with artificial intelligence, in particular, ChatGPT.

Some of these sites have “typical” names for newsrooms (News Live 79, Daily Business Post, etc.). Others stir up household tips and secular news. None of these sites indicate that the content for them generates artificial intelligence.

The concern is that in some cases AI generated fakes — in particular, one of the sites posted news about the death of President Biden, another published an obituary of a non-existent “famous” architect and even talked about his life and work. The TNewsNetwork website reported on the deaths of almost 4,000 soldiers during just one of the battles of the Russian-Ukrainian war and even posted a YouTube video on this topic.

We will remind, Google announced its intention to strengthen the fight against the spread of misinformation about Ukrainian refugees in Germany.