A group of scientists from the American University of Carnegie Mellon presented a physical keyboard-“invisibility” for smartphones. Its “trick” is that it can be located under the flat OLED screen of the gadget. According to TechCrunch, the developers managed to “hide” a convex physical keyboard under the iPhone screen.

The developers explain that their goal is to give users the tactile sensation of pressing keys on a hydraulic basis, but in the form factor of the screen of a mobile device.

Experts have created a substrate hidden under the display. To create a bulge on the screen, miniature hydraulic pumps lift the liquid inside the substrate by 5mm. Therefore, pressing on the screen is equal to pressing a mechanical key.

The strength of the substrate is such that it can withstand touching the fingers to the display. This technology also allows you to interact with messages, such as creating a button or bulging menu items that cancel actions when messages are received.

Among the shortcomings, it is noted that the invention is too large to fit in the smartphone case. Currently, the project is being finalized to introduce the technology into mass production.

Recall that a YouTube blogger under the nickname Glarses created a huge keyboard. He spent $15 thousand on its creation.