The ranking of the most popular web browsers in the world is based on statistics from Statcounter. It informs 9to5Mac.

The first line of the rating for several years is not inferior to Google Chrome. As for the second and third steps, there is an annual struggle between Microsoft Edge and Apple’s Safari browsers for a place on them. This year, the Safari browser, which all Mac, iPhone and iPad devices have, managed to get ahead of Edge and take second place in the ranking.

As for the market share as a percentage, the picture is as follows: Google Chrome occupies 66.13%, Safari — 11.87%, Microsoft Edge — 11%. The fourth, fifth and sixth places were shared between Mozilla Firefox — 5.65%, Opera — 3.09%, Internet Explorer — 0.55%.

Recall that cheap Chromebook laptops from Google, purchased in the United States for schoolchildren in 2020 amid distance learning due to the pandemic, are quickly breaking down.