Artificial intelligence developer Jeffrey Hinton, who created a neural network in 2012, resigned as vice president of Google. The scientist is concerned that new technologies of companies can surpass human intelligence. With its release, the “godfather” of AI warns humanity about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

This is stated on the portal Engadget.

Hinton is unhappy that Google did not go to restrictions on AI for the sake of competing in the IT industry. He believes that the rapid uncontrolled development of generative AI and the creation of chatbots similar to ChatGPT will contribute to job cuts and the spread of misinformation.

Hinton began to change his position on the further development of AI last year, fearing what could happen in the next five years.

Recall, a former employee of the company said that Google’s Bard chatbot was supposed to come out simultaneously with ChatGPT, or even a little earlier, but the company delayed due to security issues.