The American corporation IBM will not hire new employees for positions that can be replaced with an artificial intelligence. This statement was made by the chief executive officer of the corporation Arvind Krishna, Bloomberg reports.

Krishna noted that the company currently employs about 26 thousand people. back office employees, 30% of whom do not communicate with customers. According to the head of the corporation, in 5 years they “will easily be replaced by artificial intelligence and automation.” The agency estimated that 7.8 thousand people could fall under the reduction. employees of the company.

The head of the company believes that such simple tasks as issuing certificates to employees or transferring to another department within the company will soon be fully automated. Instead, HR employees will retain the functions of assessing employee performance for some time.

Recall, ChatGPT launched on an old computer. As the device for using ChatGPT, the enthusiast chose the IBM 5155 running MS-DOS 6.22.