Head of a Chinese electronics manufacturer Honor Zhao Ming criticized the iPhone, claiming complaints about “apple” devices from users. He considers their design “bad” and informs about plans to create a custom OS that will compete with iOS.

This is stated on the portal MyDrivers.

The head of Honor said that Apple’s smartphones have “poor equipment and design, poor communication, low autonomy and thick bezels around the screen,” despite the well-made iOS, which hides all the shortcomings of the iPhone.

He dreams of creating an OS from Honor, which will be no worse than iOS, and will allow him to compete with Apple. He also believes that improving MagicOS 7.0 will make the experience comparable to that of iOS gadgets.

To implement the plans, Honor has invested 10% of its revenue in 2022 on smartphone development. According to Min, this is the largest investment compared to other IT companies.

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