In five years, humanity may lose almost a quarter of all jobs as a result of the introduction of artificial intelligence, digitalization and other economic changes. Information about this is set out in a report published at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Bloomberg reports .

It is predicted that the introduction of AI will lead to “significant changes in the labor market.” The overall impact of technological shifts can generally be regarded as positive, experts say. At the same time, in their opinion, applications with artificial intelligence will be able to automate a large number of professions related to communication and coordination of processes.

About 75% of the companies surveyed said they intend to implement artificial intelligence technologies within the next five years. According to preliminary forecasts, this will lead to a reduction of up to 26 million jobs in clerical and administrative positions. “Under the distribution” will fall cashiers, ticket clerks, data entry and accounting specialists. In total, more than 800 companies took part in the survey, with a combined staff of 11.3 million employees in 45 countries around the world.

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