Google will soon launch a new format of the search service. According to the project codenamed Magi, a string for communicating with artificial intelligence and short videos and publications from social networks will be added to the search engine interface.

This is stated on the pages of The Wall Street Journal.

In particular, it is noted that Google is trying to abandon the usual format of issuing search results. These changes were a response to radical innovations introduced in the way people access information on the Internet, in particular, the emergence of bots with artificial intelligence.

The publication notes that, according to insiders, Google experts tried to push developers to even more radical innovations and the final abandonment of the traditional format of issuing links.

New features will be introduced soon.

Recall, the developer of artificial intelligence Jeffrey Hinton, who in 2012 created a neural network, resigned as vice president of Google. With its release, the “godfather” of AI warns humanity about the dangers of artificial intelligence.