Financial Times journalist Christina Criddle was deeply traumatized by being the target of surveillance by the Chinese company ByteDance, which owns the social network TikTok.

The fact that the journalist was spied on using the account of her cat Buffy, reports the portal Gizmodo.

In particular, it is reported that ByteDance began to monitor Criddle after the appearance of her articles, which dealt with the collection by TikTok of data of American users and the ties of the Chinese corporation with the PRC government. Four ByteDance employees tracked the journalist’s movements thanks to her cat Buffy’s TikTok account. Using authorization logs, they recorded Riddle’s IP addresses, hoping to establish her involvement in data leaks from the company.

The fact that she was being spied on was reported to the journalist by one of the employees of the social network. Criddle was “deeply traumatized” by the news and decided never to post content on Buffy’s account again. ByteDance got rid of the staff following the girl without explaining how they established that the cat’s account belonged to Christina Riddle.

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