The Telegram messenger has channels that sell secret documents of American government agencies. They, as discovered by the Financial Times through its own investigation, are associated with “Russian hackers”.

According to the FT, the hacker offered their journalist to buy a database with the names of FBI officers, classified documents on the control of US combat aircraft and all documentation from police departments of US states. This is not the only cybercriminal channel where you can buy secret data of American government agencies without using passwords, special software or the darkweb.

Telegram channels also contain secret Pentagon documents leaked by US Air Force soldier Jack Teixeira and private correspondence between law enforcement and IT giants.

One of the American diplomats noted that such channels are only “the tip of the iceberg”, writes the FT. He stressed that secret documents, even outdated ones, are very important because they can reveal a lot of information about the country.

Recall that on the darknet , unknown hackers put up for sale NATO documents stolen during an attack on one of the countries of the alliance.