American Zero Gravity Corporation has announced a new service. We are talking about unusual concerts that will take place in weightlessness without the flight of listeners and singers into space.

According to the source Space, after successful experiments, the company is going to hold such concerts on an ongoing basis. She dreams that viewers will get a new and incomparable experience.

The “concert hall” in the cabin will accommodate 28 listeners who will be in microgravity for periods of 30 seconds. From time to time, weightlessness will be achieved due to a sharp decline in a G Force One aircraft flying in a pre-calibrated parabola.

The founders of the project promise up to 15 bursts of “weightlessness” during an hour and a half flight. During this time, 3-4 songs are supposed to be performed . First of all, listeners will be offered DJs and pop performers. In the future, they plan to expand the circle of performers to instrumental groups.

Currently, flowers will cost $ 9,000, but in the future they will become cheaper to attract a larger audience.

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