Startup Autev (Seattle, USA) held a presentation of a mini-robot for charging electric vehicles. The Autev bot will arrive at the car after the call and return to its own charging station in the garage after charging it.

The new development will be able to power up to six vehicles before it needs to be recharged, New Atlas quoted its interlocutor Osama al Salloum.

The authors of the startup emphasize that Autev charging robots will be able to solve the problem of charging electric vehicles without creating specialized parking spaces. The user will call the robot through the application. Once it appears, the user will need to connect the Autev charging cable to the vehicle’s port and disconnect the cable after charging.

According to the developers, minibot parks may appear by the first quarter of next year.

Recall, Tesla taught the robot Optimus to collect its “colleagues”. At the event during Investor Day, Tesla showed a video dedicated to how one robot assembles another.