A company from China called Iflytek Co., which develops voice recognition technologies, demonstrated its own model of artificial intelligence SparkDesk. AI will be used for educational and corporate purposes, according to Bloomberg.

At the presentation of the SparkDesk in Hefei, the head of the development, Liu Qingfeng, ordered the chatbot to evaluate student essays and write a story about how Confucius attended the Olympic Games. He communicated with the chatbot in Chinese and English using a voice recognition program.

Liu emphasized that when creating their own AI model, the developers aimed to exceed OpenAI’s capabilities in Chinese and achieve ChatGPT standards in English.

The impact of this generative AI technology is no less important than the impact of the birth of the PC or the Internet. We need to do our best to learn from ChatGPT and even surpass it.

Liu Qingfeng

Instead, Bloomberg has doubts about the future of the SparkDesk chatbot. It is said that since 2019, Iflytek has been blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce, allegedly for surveillance of minorities in Xinjiang. Also, the development of AI services in China is hampered by the Communist Party.

Recall that the confrontation in the development of neural networks in China and the United States can already be compared with an arms race. While progressives seek to limit their AI developments, “China is rushing forward,” “lowering standards” and “violating human rights.” If China overtakes the United States in AI technology, it could ruin humanity.