The law on artificial intelligence will be considered by members of the European Parliament. It proposes to introduce the first-ever transparency and risk management rules for artificial intelligence technologies in Europe.

This is stated in a statement on the website of the European Parliament.

Before that, the draft negotiating mandate on the rules for AI was adopted by the Committee on the Internal Market and the Committee on Civil Liberties. 84 deputies voted for him, 7 were against, 12 abstained.

Now it is noted that the amendments of deputies to the proposal of the commission are aimed at ensuring control over AI by humans. MPs want technology to be transparent and safe, easy to monitor, not discriminatory and not violate the environment.

In addition, MPs strive to have a single definition of artificial intelligence that will be neutral and apply to all technologies without exception. The world’s first rules on AI are proposed to introduce a ban on biometric surveillance, emotion recognition and intelligent AI systems. The possibility of filing a complaint against artificial intelligence is also being considered.

Recall, the developer of artificial intelligence Jeffrey Hinton, who in 2012 created a neural network, resigned as vice president of Google. The scientist is concerned that new technologies of companies can surpass human intelligence.