Samsung is misleading Malaysian users by spreading false ads about the new Galaxy A24. The advertisement says that the smartphone has 16 GB of RAM, while in fact it has a module installed on only 8 GB.

It is reported by SamMobile.

According to the publication, an additional 8 GB of RAM is virtual. If the existing RAM is not enough, the smartphone “borrows” another 8 GB of power from the available permanent memory. However, virtual gigabytes of RAM cannot be considered a full-fledged replacement for RAM, because they are much slower than it.

SamMobile notes that the specifics of the technology for expanding RAM up to 16 GB are indicated in Samsung’s advertising in small print not in the main text, but in a footnote.

Recall, the South Korean vendor Samsung intends to abandon the search engine Google in favor of search engine Bing from Microsoft in Galaxy smartphones.