One of the largest Chinese smartphone companies Oppo ceases to work division ZEKU, engaged in the development of its own chips MariSilicon. The company explains the rejection of further chip production by the fact that the fate of the smartphone industry remains unknown amid uncertainty in the global economy.

This is stated on the portal Android Authority.

Since 2019, ZEKU has released two chips: MariSilicon X and MariSilicon Y, which are found in several flagship Oppo models. MariSilicon X is a neural processor for processing images and videos using machine learning. MariSilicon Y is used to improve the sound quality via Bluetooth.

According to Oppo, the closure of the division will not affect the quality of devices with MariSilicon chips. However, the company’s plans to develop new chips in the future remain uncertain.

Recall, the company Oppo joined the race to create charging with a capacity of more than 200 W, and is preparing for the presentation of ultra-fast charger “300-watt class”.