The countries of the European Union will not support the technology of launching the Bard chatbot. This became clear during the Google I/O conference, where information was announced about the launch of the Bard chatbot in 180 countries. EU countries are not on this list.

It is reported by the portal Android Authority, referring to the fact that Google will not launch Bard in the EU due to strict regulatory problems and local laws.

On the appeal of the editors of the portal to Google for clarification, they replied that soon Bard will support 40 languages. The representative of the company stressed that Google seeks to “be a useful and interested partner for regulators” with whom they jointly master new technologies. The Android Authority regards such a statement as a hint that Bard was not launched into the EU due to regulatory issues.

Earlier, ex-Google engineer Blake LeMoyne, who was fired after statements that the chatbot with artificial intelligence received “consciousness”, said that the corporation is concerned about the safety of the latest versions of AI, and therefore tries to treat them as responsibly as possible.