Classic hard drives have only 5 years of existence. After 2028, they will be replaced by SSDs, which are now cheaper. This statement was released by the vice president of research and development of Pure Storage Sean Rosemarin.

This is stated on Blocks&Files.

The specialist claims that the limited life of hard drives is associated not only with a sharp drop in the cost of SSDs, but also with an increase in the cost of electricity and with filling the market with SSD-drives on NAND PLC flash memory.

However, the complete disappearance of HDD should be expected initially among corporate customers, and not among ordinary PC and laptop users.

Recall that plans for the development and release of SSD-drive record volume shared Samsung. The Korean company dreams of developing an SSD drive with a capacity of 1 petabyte. The device, the volume of which is equal to 1024 terabytes, will allow you to store 22 thousand hours of 4K video. To preserve the full archive of the Library of Congress, only a few dozen of them will be needed.