Along with the launch of the Pixel 7a smartphone, Google has introduced a new proprietary ringtone for phones based on the Android mobile OS. From now on, there will sound a saxophone solo in the style of melodies of the famous American musician Kenny G, according to the portal 9to5Google.

In production models of the Pixel 7, branded sounds from ringtones, alarms and notifications will be called Natural Elements and consist of the sounds of nature. A new ringtone from the famous musician will be available after updating the application “Sounds” through the online store Play Store to version 3.1.

Journalists note that the name of the new ringtone Kenny Gington (Kenny Gingtone) combines the pseudonym of the artist and the word ringtone. Whether Kenny G personally participated in the creation of the ringtone is not known for certain.

Recall, Nokia, according to the updated strategy, has launched a new brand related to network and communication technologies. On the eve of the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, the company showed off a new logo, this time without the usual blue color and with a new font.