Blogger and influencer Caryn Marjory has created her virtual AI copy of CarynAI, which supports intimate conversations with subscribers at a rate of $1 per minute. Currently, the waiting queue is 26 hours. As a true “opinion leader”, the 23-year-old aspires to have 20 thousand. followers to earn up to $5 million. Monthly.

This is stated on the portal Daily Mail.

According to Marjorie, CarynAI has a “unique voice and inimitable character,” so communication makes it feel like talking to a real girl. In a commentary for the Daily Mail, Marjory explains that she “was able to set the price she wanted” because she is the first influencer in the field of intimate communication using AI. She claims that it is “very expensive to manage” and compares the new technology to the times “when a 32 GB flash drive was very expensive.”

In the future, the girl has plans to reduce the cost of AI communication or free conversations with her “most loyal fans”.

Recall, the Chinese tech giant Tencent has launched the service Deepfakes-as-a-Service (DFaaS), which will specialize in creating digital clones of people.