Apple is in a constant hunt for insiders who publish information about new gadgets and services of the company. To identify sources of information leakage, “the Cupertino-based company has some pretty cunning ways.”

This is stated in an article published on 9to5Mac.

Journalists said that “even with a multi-stage system, some secrets of Apple” become known to a significant number of people. The corporation pays special attention to the fight against leakage of visual materials. It is about protecting information about images, gadgets and drawings.

To do this, each Apple employee who receives the image is provided with a unique file. This helps to identify the culprit of the leak to the media or social networks. In addition , invisible watermarks are used, which are “indistinguishable with the naked eye.”

Also, to track insiders and sources of information leakage, Apple introduced serial numbers of documents. When providing videos to employees, each is marked with a watermark with a number associated with an Apple Connect ID.

In addition, to find the source of the leak, Apple practices methods such as minor changes in font design, wording or punctuation, or the use of false information in details.

Recall, the new version of the flagship watch Apple Watch Ultra, which will have a display type microLED, will appear no earlier than 2025. Previously, that a major update to the Apple Watch should be expected in 2024, told Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.