Japanese veteran mobile device company Kyocera announced its withdrawal from the market due to record losses recorded in February this year. We are talking about $16.6 million, according to GSM Arena.

Now we are talking about Kyocera’s exit from the consumer segment with the continuation of servicing corporate clients.

We are no longer able to compete in the global market.

Kyocera President Hideo Tanimoto.

As you know, Kyocera has been operating in the mobile device market since 1989. Earlier, in 2021, the South Korean company LG abandoned the smartphone division. She left the mobile device business and started developing other industries: AI, robotics, etc.

Earlier we told that the Japanese company Kyocera launched into mass production batteries with semi-solid filler. They are considered wear-resistant and most reliable, thanks to gel or resin electrolytes, reducing the likelihood of flash even when overheating.