The American software company Adobe requires users to abandon the use of outdated versions of programs that are available in Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe threatens to sue those who continue to use them. Now we are talking about Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom Classic, Animate and Media Director, according to the portal Vice.

The company claims that users lost the right to use older versions of programs immediately after Adobe stopped supporting them. According to the publication, some Adobe customers have already received warning letters. It says that a “third party” can go to court if users do not comply with the company’s requirements.

Currently, the company does not explain why it made such a decision. However, this is a “lengthy trial”. Presumably, this refers to a lawsuit against Adobe by Dolby Labs. Litigation between companies over the new software distribution model has been going on for a year.

Earlier, the American company Adobe officially presented its new program — artificial intelligence called Firefly, which is able to generate images by text description.