Apple is worried about its secret developments, so it introduced a ban on the use of the ChatGPT chatbot by employees of the corporation in the workflows. This is stated on the pages of The Wall Street Journal.

The Copilot program from Microsoft, which automates the creation of code using AI technology, was also banned. Apple fears that technologies based on artificial intelligence will collect confidential information needed to improve the platform. An example of a bug in ChatGPT that was discovered in March is cited. Through it, it was possible to find out the history of people who used the chatbot. This led to the appearance on the service of a function that disables the saving of logs.

Earlier, the Italian data protection service announced the launch of an investigation into the chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI. The reason is a suspicion of violation of the rules of data collection and processing. At the time of verification, access to the chatbot was closed.

Recall, Apple is in a constant hunt for insiders who publish information about new gadgets and services of the company.