Instagram plans to launch an autonomous project based on the application, compatible with some other applications. We are currently talking about a text-sharing app that can compete with Twitter.

Sources involved in this issue report that this project will be presented next month, according to Bloomberg.

According to the publication, Meta has already contacted agencies and celebrities to assess their interest in testing an early version of the app integrated into Instagram.

Currently, information about the new standalone project, based on the Instagram app and compatible with some other applications, has been published in a newsletter by Leah Haberman, a professor of social marketing and influencer marketing at the University of California.

Historically, we know that Meta likes to test and play features from other third-party apps and tools, understanding their popularity among users.

Leah Haberman.

The teacher recalled that earlier Elon Musk emphasized turning Twitter into an “app for everything” with many features in addition to informational publications. Currently, she believes that the lessons learned and lessons borrowed from other platforms will allow Meta to “achieve this first.”

Recall that from now on Instagram you can reply to posts in the comments using GIF-files.