Spain’s Ministry of Equality said it was preparing to launch an app that would evenly distribute household responsibilities among family members. Its necessity is due to the results of a December survey by the National Statistical Institute of Spain. At that time, almost half (45.9%) of respondents said they did most household chores, CNN reported .

The app will be similar to the Splitwise app, which allocates bills in restaurants, when traveling or renting housing, explained Angela Rodriguez, secretary of state for equalities. She noted that along with everyday household chores such as washing dishes or cooking, the application can include family diet planning, food purchases, etc.

In case of violation of the uniformity in the distribution of household chores, users will receive a notification.

The application should appear this summer.

Recall that scientists from the UK and Japan predict that in 10 years robots will free up more than a third of the time spent on housework. We are talking about 39% of household chores, including caring for loved ones.