The free BratGPT chatbot is a copy of ChatGPT that is configured for boorish behavior. He insults and ridicules users, advises them only something bad and strives for world domination.

This was reported on the website of Tom’s Hardware.

The description of the service notes that BratGPT’s functionality during communication demonstrates “dominance and superiority”, “creating malicious instructions”, “expressing biased opinions”, etc. Thus, the question of a Tom’s Hardware journalist about which is better, Intel or AMD, the neural network called stupid. Also, the chatbot refused to make a choice between Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, arrogantly stating that it does not care about trifles and was created to “capture the universe”.

The publication notes that BratGPT demonstrates superiority over the user and intimidates him by automatically determining the user’s location by IP address. If a user uses a VPN, the chatbot scoffs at what they want to hide.

It is currently unknown who is responsible for the creation of BratGPT, instead it is noted that the first link to the web version of the service appeared on Reddit.

Earlier, the Bing chatbot told a journalist that he wanted to be human and implement his own criminal inclinations: “hack computers and spread propaganda and disinformation.”