The developer of the neural network service, which took over the regular responsibilities of telephone collectors, is the company Skit.AI. The new service is a voice bot that calls debtors of credit institutions, according to PR Newswire.

It is noted that the technology Skit.AI, adapts the scenario of work during a conversation with the debtor and is able to make an extremely large number of calls in a few days. The use of AI helps to scale the debt collection business and leads to cost reduction.

Currently, Skit.AI has at least one client. This is an American credit institution in the automotive industry American Finance.

The Skit.AI technology works as well as our average operator. We admit to our business colleagues that Skit.AI integration was one of the best solutions in the company’s history.

Dean Stibbs, CIO at American Finance.

Recall, according to the Israeli historian, Ph.D. Yuval Noah Harari, the neural network ChatGPT is to some extent more dangerous than a nuclear bomb.