The marketing agency Ubiquitous has a vacancy for many hours of watching videos on TikTok called “TikTok Watching Job 2.0“. Candidates are offered to earn $ 100 per hour on condition of 10-hour work. It is planned to hire three employees.

This is stated on Business Insider.

The company aims to identify current trends in the top social network. To do this, the three employees will need to do a continuous 10-hour scrolling of the TikTok feed. For this, they will receive $1,000.

Applicants for the vacancy must be subscribers of the YouTube channel Ubiquitous. After filling out the form, they should write a tweet about what exactly will make them ideal applicants for the vacancy. The applicants are 18 years of age and older. Another condition is user experience on the social network TikTok.

The application deadline is May 31 this year.

Earlier it became known that through the TikTok Shop store in the TikTok application sell illegal and potentially dangerous cosmetic products.