Further development of artificial intelligence will contribute to mass layoffs of employees of companies with certain skills, as well as the development of new jobs where employees will use the capabilities of AI.

This statement was made by the co-founder of the social network for job search LinkedIn Reed Hoffman in an interview with Fortune magazine.

Some working specialties will disappear. Even those that are now important to CEOs and to society. Instead, AI can become part of the solutions of the new format.

Reed Hoffman.

Hoffman believes that companies need to solve three issues. It is about retraining people, the process of acquiring qualifications to perform other tasks and assisting in cooperation with other specialists.

He emphasizes that the answer to all questions is the use of AI and encourages company leaders and governments to use AI technology to help people master new specialties.

Recall that in five years, humanity may lose almost a quarter of all jobs as a result of the introduction of artificial intelligence, digitalization and other economic changes. Information about this is set out in a report published at the World Economic Forum in Geneva.