McDonald’s has released a new portable Tetris. Its main “trick” is the form factor. Tetris is shaped like a chicken nugget. It is dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of the appearance of this dish on the menu of a fast food restaurant. It is reported by Retro Dodo.

McDonald’s new chicken nuggets gaming device went on sale in mainland China at a price of 30 Chinese yuan, or about $4.25.

The nugget-shaped device has arrows that you can use to move shapes left and right, as well as speed up their reset. In addition, there is a button that allows you to rotate the shapes.

It is already known that the company does not plan to sell the device in other countries. In total, McDonald’s will release 400,000 such gadgets.

Recall, the McDonald’s restaurant has introduced a new McCrispy burger to the menu . The innovation was marked by the presentation of a gaming chair with accessories. He was named McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair.